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about hug a dog

the art featured here is inspired by animals, mostly dogs, many of whom have crossed our path because they were rescued, or were in need of rescue. the artist, rené, has a childlike enthusiasm for the animals and the art they have inspired. any note cards, prints or commissioned art you order will help the rescue efforts of our sister organization, give a dog a home, and will fund rené's legislative work for animals, which involves travel. rené also donates original drawings to other rescues to use for fundraisers.

ordering information

we have sets of eight or ten note cards for $10-$12 and $15 respectively, plus shipping. note cards are size A2 (4 1/4 x 5 1/2), are printed on 110 lb. premium acid-free card stock, and include envelopes.

for prints or commissioned art, please contact rené.

note card sets are grouped as they are presented on this site, but if you wish to make up your own set, please just note the animals' names and how many you would like of each one.

to order, please with your request. forms of payment include paypal, check or money order.

thank you for visiting hug a dog, hope you enjoyed it!

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